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About us is a site for finding and/or posting remote jobs only. It is an honor for us, Dessi and Nick, to be the´s founders. We have over 20 years of experience working in large corporations in the U.S. and Germany with strictly regulated work-schedule. While walking through our career path, we were facing many stressful office-situations, and unfortunately, traffic jams on a daily basis. The solution for us was to work constantly remotely. We managed to find very quickly remote jobs that fit our portfolios. Those jobs turned out to be our continuing professional development. We love our jobs, and with that said, we enjoy working from anywhere in the world. Not only that we are more productive and successful but we are able to combine Business with pleasure. We are more dedicated to our work, and at the same time, we have more time for our families and friends. We are happier and more satisfied.

Just because we see how joyful life can be when we can work from anywhere we want to be, we decided to create the site Our desire is to give an opportunity to people who can practice their professions online, to find a suitable job for them. That way people can spend more time with their families, or just to fulfill some of their dreams and explore the world while working in the field they love. Just like us.