Head of Growth
at ChartMogul
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Your job is to grow demand for ChartMogul’s Subscription Data Platform and Subscription Analytics products.Like the sales team, the measure of your success will ultimately be measured in global ARR growth – and while you will likely contribute to all parts of the funnel and many parts of the business, your core focus will be on top of funnel activities.This is not a role for someone looking to deploy a tried and tested (aka tired and no-longer effective) marketing playbook. You will need to think creatively about what initiatives could have the highest chance of moving the needle. You will constantly experiment, doubling down on what works and moving on from what doesn’t.There are few rules for what initiatives you could try: e.g. start a training and certification program, referral program, manage and leverage partner relations, conduct social selling over Twitter and LinkedIn, answer hundreds of questions on Quora, run a podcast, webinars, build apps, make videos, broadcast live, write blogs, push stories to news publications, etc.


  • You already have an understanding of SaaS metrics, subscription analytics, and subscription billing – and you have the potential to become an industry thought leader.
  • You have a track record in SaaS leadership and are comfortable speaking in public.
  • You regularly contribute to the public conversation about startups, tech, SaaS, VC, product, business, growth, etc. via any/all of Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, podcasts, Medium, etc.
  • Your confidence to take a more active public role in our industry is grounded in a high level of competence and experience.
  • You have a pre-existing network in SaaS and have been a driving force at an early stage startup in the past.
  • You know where the line between ethical and unethical growth and marketing strategies lies.You have a strong internal compass that means you’re able to be aggressive and have hustle without crossing the line.
  • You are highly resourceful and are able to add value without adding spending.
  • You’re both intelligent and creative, and are able to come up with strong new ideas for how to drum up interest and grow demand for a new product.
  • You ask yourself critically before acting: Does this initiative truly have a good chance of really moving the needle? You have an instinct for what might work and what won’t, and you don’t do things just because it’s what you see other companies doing.
  • You are technical and understand how SaaS software is put together. You could write a script if needed, though not necessarily production-quality code.
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