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eyeo creates a sustainable, fair ecosystem by building, monetizing and distributing ad-blocking technology for everyone and everything online. By leveraging distribution partnerships, we bring ad-blocking technology everywhere, giving users control while providing user-friendly monetization. This is supported by our own desktop and mobile products, such as Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr. In combining our reach based on distribution partnerships and our own products, our technology runs on over 150 million devices.

What does it mean to be a Core Development Lead at eyeo?

You will be responsible for making sure that the unit’s teams have all the support, autonomy and focus that’s needed to be successful. You will report directly to the CTO. 

What is a unit?

Units are our means to scale and focus eyeo. They provide a framework for aligning teams towards a shared goal.
The unit is comprised of approx. 25 people:
  • Approximately half will report indirectly to you (they will be managed by Section Leads—your right-hand people)
  • Approximately a quarter (such as section leads, data scientists, machine learning experts and QA engineers) will report directly to you
The unit is made up of teams covering these topics:
  • Desktop browser extension core development
  • Android SDK development
  • iOS SDK development
  • Ad-blocking quality
  • Industry relations
Within our teams, we have cross-functional groups of peers working together to build our products.

How you can help us (with people)

  • Create the unit’s strategy, goals and initiatives, along with the teams
  • Ensure the unit has clear KPIs
  • Report KPIs regularly, and continuously work to improve them
  • Ensure the flow of information with product owners in order for them to be able to prioritize and maintain their backlogs autonomously, and to make the best product-related decisions
  • Align across the company and with other units on strategic and tactical topics
  • Continuously support the unit with goal alignment, proper tooling, facilitation and community-ship
  • People management and cross-company knowledge sharing and culture
  • Administrative work (budget, spending, hiring, evaluation, salaries, etc.)

How you can help us (with tech)

  • Maintain and improve the high quality of our core technologies (code and filter lists)
  • Security and maintainability of the tech stack and legal compliance of our filter lists
  • Create comprehensive documentation and specs
  • Establish our core technologies as products, ensuring proper product and release management
  • Improve our ad-blocking quality in the face of circumvention techniques
  • Close collaboration with industry-related representatives (e.g. browser companies, other ad-block companies)
  • Constantly improve our ways of working, tech stack and development processes (e.g. by applying automation and machine learning technologies)

What you bring to the table

  • Deep, customer-centric understanding of our partners’ and own products’ technology needs
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about developing both software and people
  • Continuously stay up-to-date on technology developments relevant to your work
  • You think in a systematic and analytical manner
  • You show a high degree of self-organization, initiative and motivation
  • Great communicator who can build bridges between people from different fields and backgrounds, and help them learn how to build those bridges themselves
  • Pragmatic, flexible and humble. You listen to your reports and support them rather than directing them.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English
  • Well-versed with agile values and methodologies. We do not require specific methodologies or certifications, but we want you to have a strong understanding, and the ability to teach.

It’s awesome, but not required, if you have...

  • Experience collaborating in open-source communities (either as a hobby or as part of your past work)
  • Been involved in web standardization (W3C and similar)
  • Good understanding of online advertising and other types of publisher monetization
  • Experience with browser development
  • Experience in B2B and B2C product development
  • Experience in machine learning
  • You are an active member of the development community (writing, meetups, talks, OSS contributions, etc.)

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