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We are looking for Spanish language transcribers who will be working for our expert Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) team. As a transcriber with Omilia you will be listening to audio files of Spanish dialogs and creating written records of their content. This offers a fascinating and simple way to take advantage of your language skills, work on your own time and schedule, in your environment of preference and make a robust salary out of it.After a short training on using Omilia's Corpora Studio suite, and a short test to make sure you have acquired the proper skill set, you shall be able to work from home at your own schedule.

Necessary equipment that you have to own so as to perform remote work tasks:
  • PC or Mac
  • Internet connection
  • Headphones


Skills and Qualifications:
  • Excellent command of verbal and written Spanish. Native speakers preferred.
  • Be able to listen to audio recordings and transcribe appropriately word for word.

Qualification procedure:
  1. Short interview via Skype
  2. Brief training with videos provided by Omilia
  3. Evaluation of your skills on 50-70 transcriptions
  4. On successful evaluation you will be requested to sign an NDA and work contract


Job type:
  • Flexible hours: you can work anytime, as much as you want, and from anywhere you have your gear and wifi connection.
  • Remuneration: ranging from 50 to 65 USD per 1,000 transcriptions depending on task.
  • Possible transcriptions per hour: 90-130 depending on task and transcriber's experience.
  • Average payment per day (8 hours of work for an average of 100 transcriptions per hour): about 45-55 USD per day; monthly average of 1,100 USD (estimation for 22 days’ work in a month).
  • Payment method:
    • You will issue a personal invoice each month
    • You will get paid by direct deposit to your account
Alternative methods of payment : regular invoice / bank draft are available upon request.

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