Director, Product Management
at vidIQ
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Why this Role?
1. Join a truly global, remote team: Work from anywhere! Have co-workers all around the world. Get the opportunity to travel for events and company meetups.
2. Build a product people love that solves real problems: Creators around the world use vidIQ to manage huge 8 figure subscriber YouTube channels – but your friends and family just starting out on YouTube use it to gather ideas, find opportunities, and dig into what's working for these mega channels.
3. Meaningfully shape our future product: As you engage with customers, you'll gain insights to help us serve them better — and work with products to inform what we do next.
4. Join a fantastic team at a magical time: We've hit profitability and over a million users with a small team, which gives us a huge green field to work with. You'll join at the perfect time to shape how we grow from here.
5. Elevate your skills as we tackle our most impactful challenges: We continually re-invest back into our company and our team members we practice continuous never ending improvement— and there's so much more to do and learn. Company Mission We want to empower Creators. We help creators on their journey to being better video creators through tools and training.Just about every single human on this planet loves to listen to stories, to experience them, and some to tell them. Because of the opportunity the internet gives us where people are able to build businesses while in the comfort of their own home, a lot of people are seeking this opportunity and many of them, with amazing stories, are giving up too fast.
There's too much bad information out there on how creators become successful, how they build their audiences. vidIQ challenges this status quo by giving creators the tools and knowledge needed to grow their audiences faster by enabling them to uncover their own opportunities by just using vidIQ.We believe that by equipping people with the best tools and education to solve their own problems, we can tackle the whole world's problems.

Job requirements
This might be for you if... You have a track record of driving measurable results through influence You’re hardworking and goal-oriented You have a tireless positive attitude You have a growth mindset and view challenges as learning opportunities, not failures You practice the continuous improvement formula for your personal development You have an incredible amount of empathy You love getting to know new people and helping them solve their business problems You have experience developing marketing, knowledge management, sales, productivity, or other applications and platforms You have experience managing an organization of product managers, including building and growing the team Experience working with or in support of diverse communities FAQ What benefits can I expect? -This is a 100% remote position, work from anywhere you like. -A flexible work schedule where you decide which hours to work. We expect an average commitment of 40 hours per week. -We offer a generous vacation policy of taking time when you need it. -Most team members take 4–5 weeks of time off per year. -Team retreats every year! Past trips have been to Spain, Portugal, and other amazing places. -Work with amazing people around the world. -Huge impact in the Creator Ecosystem. -Matched or exceed market salary in the country you live in. -Support your professional development and will pay for relevant courses and conference.
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